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Trader's MindSet


By Admin

Trader Mindset

The MindSet of all traders must be known. First of all, we need to look at the meaning of Mindset, which is the thought process that clearly separates professional traders from new traders. Most people like to think that trading methods, tools used, and indicators are the variables that make winning trades in the long term. But in fact, the most important thing is the trader's mindset. Complete must be ready with Discipline or Discipline Mindset that must be remembered almost every second. That is discipline. How do we trade Forex? There must be clear steps, such as

1. We have to wait for the indicator that we choose to use to confirm at least 1-2 signals.

2. Share the trading amount of 15-20% of the total funds in the portfolio. Don't throw all your laps around.

3. If trading in the wrong direction, concentrate on finding a solution or losing if there is no opportunity to go back up.