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MPLUSFX is a premier brokerage firm providing online trading solutions within the forex and CFD trading industry to customers worldwide.

MPLUSFX was established to create a broker where traders can finally focus exclusively on trading. Therefore , we offer our clients great support all the way, the best technology on the market and we have tailormade solutions available for both beginners and experienced traders.We put strong emphasis on safety of our customers' funds.
Our pricing is always among the best of any brokers, anywhere in the world.This is achieved through our unique pool of aggregated liquidity which provides tight spreads, fast execution and access to the most liquid markets.Our pool consists of top tier bank and non bank liquidity that is aggregated to get the liquidity providers competing for the best price to fill our customers' orders.

Why Choose Us?


We are honest to our clients and ourselves. Our high competence and good reputation helps us form high trust relationships with our clients, which is especially important for the financial market. Honesty helps us attract new clients and establish solid, long-term relationships, especially in emerging markets.


We are actively engaged in development of our own technologies and innovations, which separates us from many of our competitors. Development of our own products - is one of the key features of our company. Innovations include our own expertise, experience and creativity

International mindset

We are an international company, which offers services to clients around the world via the Internet. Our employees are located in Europe and in Asia - in order to effectively address the needs of customers from different countries and understand the differences in mentality and culture. Our work is guided by the internationally recognized standards and principles.