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CFD – trading contracts for difference

The most liquid instruments with minimal investment amount are required!

  • Highly liquid instruments with minimal investment amounts!

  • Stocks of major international companies, Gold, Crude Oil, Lumber and currency pairs

  • No actual asset is bought which guarantees minimal investment amounts

  • Profit much higher than your initial investment

Ample Opportunities

Wide range of trading instruments

Stocks, indices, commodities, currency pairs and more! Get access to a variety of global markets and trade around the clock!


The stock market is extremely dependent on various economic and political reasons. Profit not just when the price goes up, but when it falls down too!


Diversify your portfolio with multiple assets. Work with different CFD groups to reduce the risks.


CFD trading is transparent. All quotes are always displayed on the stock exchange website where it is traded.

CFD Types:

How to Earn Trading CFD

  • 1

    Register and open a Standard account

    When creating an account, we suggest you to go through two-factor authentication. It will ensure that your funds are securely protected.

  • 2

    Deposit money into your account in a hassle-free way

    We support a wide variety of deposit and withdrawal options, from bank transfers to mobile payments. Get free 40% bonus on each and every deposit.

  • 3

    Set up the terminal or use WebTrader to trade in you browser

    Download MetaTrader 4 for PC or any mobile device or use WebTrader for online trading.

  • 4

    Choose your strategy and trading instruments

    Learn more about trading instruments in Contract Specifications.

  • 5

    Start making profit

    If you are not ready to open a real account, you can open a demo account first to learn trading on financial markets. CFD instruments can bring you extremely high returns.